About me

Amandine Rozet

My cursus and what is animating me  in my life and my work as a coach and a teacher.

Who are you? What is your cursus?

I’m Amandine, a Belgian woman of 34 years old, mother of 3.

I was an active child and in the same time a castle-builder, absorbed in books. I was good at school. At around 10, I started to keep a diary and I practiced observing my self more carefully as well as the others around.

As a teenager, I started to dislike school with its constraints, its competition and pressure to perform. I did not know how to study and I settled for  simply doing my homework. In class, I daydreamed. I was uncomfortable in my own skin. Sometimes, I did not attend the courses I started to see my grades go down.

In addition to the encouragements of some adults (teachers, educators) who tried to help me out of this bad period by listening to me and offering advices, I believe it is the habit of writing down my thoughts that gave me the strength to endure having to repeat my last year of high school at 17. What a terrible slap for my pride! With courage and motivation, I independently managed to find solutions to study in my own way and memorize with pleasure. I finally succeeded in school, I found new friends and I put a lot into my project to study at university.

At about 20, then a student in arts, I wanted to better understand my feelings and, through them to become aware of my real needs. Thanks to incredible meetings of incredible people in other places of the world,  and thanks to a psychotherapy, I woke up once seeing things diferently and deciding to live according to what was  really important for me: authenticity, self-reliance, sharing, freedom, pleasure and personal fulfillment; and I also commited to acting in accordance with these values every minute of my life.

How did you become a Coach?

After my diplomas of arts and of teaching, I began to teach French to adults and I worked at first with job-seeking women who were migrants or illiterates.  Then, I taught to teenagers who were also asylum seekers.

Finally, I worked in a professional high school. The students, mainly boys, did not like school and did not see a purpose in it. They were angry – what was reflected by hostility or apathy. In an atmosphere of benevolence and listening, these young teenagers gradually started to express themselves in a creative way through texts showing a high-level of sensitivity. It gave me a lot of strenght to continue my job!

I was very committed to my job to the point of obsession and took personally the failure of a student who did not succeed at school. At that point, I discovered coaching thanks to a colleague who was learning this support technique. A simple question made me look at my job and at my work in a different way: what depends only on you?

In 2012, my husband was offered the opportunity to work in Cameroon, Africa, and we decided to move there with our baby boy.  It was also an occasion to take a break from my job to which I had been so committed. I took time to discover this new country and its extraordinary inhabitants. I gave literacy training lessons to street children and teenagers. But little by little I started to realize that, although had enjoyed my previous carreer, I didn’t want to teach anymore.

The maternity, the expatriation, the experience of living in Africa had changed and opened me even more to what was really important. I then realized that what I needed was to share my skills of listening, benevolence, enthusiasm and capacity to mobilize! And that what I really enjoyed, was to accompany the  adults and teenagers. I decided to join a life coaching training with Cindy Theys (nomadity.be). Afterwards, Claudélen Méallet (melodius.fr) completed my training by teaching me the very effective tools of the NLP (neuro-linguistic programation). I’m learning at Psynapse hypnotherapy (psynapse.fr) and with Mr Kristian Leperff.

The regular practice of Yoga allows me to express myself otherwise and to better center myself.

What is your added value as a Coach? What do you believe in?

Working as a teacher allowed me to develop, in addition to relational skills , a strong capacity to connect to the teenagers.

I have a passion for this particular stage of our lives. Often characterized by intense questioning as well as an outside apathy, it is a real pleasure for me to accompany our teenagers in their transition phase towards adulthood as well as the adults around them.

My university studies in language and litterature gave me an ease in the fine analysis of speech and language on which is based the practice of coaching. It enabled me to deeply encourage teenagers along the path of self-writing through daily writing in a private diary.

I deeply consider its creative and cognitive benefits Through artistic self-expression, writing about ourselves or rewriting our lives, we succeed in becoming our own heroes and in evisionning new personal choices.

I believe that our negative feelings, our fears and our failures are there to teach us how to find our way on this Earth. As such, they are essential and a part of our life. My job consists in helping you to integrate them by allowing you to bounce and to take off!

To be a Coach allows me to accompany towards autonomy teenagers and adults who want to achieve their objective!


I continue my work in Ankara and at distance by Skype from September 1st, 2016.