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Cheminer ensemble

Life Coaching

Coaching is for adults and teenagers who wish to advance more confident on their way of life and participate to the best of their abilities, qualities and values to the improvement of our world. Why am I living in this earth? Which group do I belong to? The dreamers? The achievers? The artists?

Teacher and Life Coach, Trainer and Educational Coach, trained in language analysis, NLP and hypnotherapy, I accompany you in your desire for change and learning.

I search with you all the resources of your conscious and your unconscious for a holistic coaching.

Authenticity and kindness, listening, freedom, autonomy and trust are the values at the heart of my practice.

My toolbox fills up as I train, read and experience life. From simple personality tests to the use of the enneagram, hypnosis, intuitive metaphors, NLP, self-writing through free and playful texts or drawing of heuristic maps.

Our beliefs can prevent us from moving forward on our path: « I am bad », « In life we can not trust anyone ». Coaching makes it possible to decide to leave aside these ideas and to choose others, more positive and effective than the old ones.

Our emotions remind us to order. Inopportune anger, recurrent sadness: they tell us that we are not listening to our real needs. In coaching we evoke values and needs, personality traits that may be unknown to us. We look for strategies for success and model them for all the difficult situations in life. I encourage my clients to set clear and concrete goals, in keeping with how they envision their future.

Our body also sends us messages. Abused by various addictions or lack of sleep, forced to school or work while sitting on furniture not necessarily comfortable, immobilized at home in front of video games, television or telephone, his messages do not reach us anymore. Through movement, action, writing, drawing and play, coaching helps us to reclaim our body. It is by moving that we learn, feel and think!


Supervision: Claudélen Méallet

I respect the code of ethics of the International Coaching Federation.