Women for School: Together for an innovative and fair school

Women, teacher, mother or young girls, I accompany you in your path toward more meaning at school and in your life

Do you want to participate in the creation of a school more fair, more humane and more in tune with your values? To accompany our children to become the citizens of tomorrow and be able to adapt to a complex and uncertain future?


Through coaching, hypnosis and various workshops, I accompany all women actresses in the world of education, whether they are teenagers, mothers or teachers who share the same desire as mine: to accompany children with respect during their development.

Are you a teacher who wants to live her job according to her values?

  • If you want to organize and determine priorities so as not to be overwhelmed
  • You long for time for pedagogical reflection
  • You want to know and accept your area of influence:
  •  Or ou want to renew your practice without fear of criticism:
  • If ou want to manage conflicts
  • If you want to better know your strengths
  • You are maybe wondering how using your emotions to change what can be changed:
  • Or how you can be a teacher with authenticity

Together with me or with other teachers, let’s talk, draw or write about it and find creative solutions!

Are you a member of the management, and do you want to be accompanied with your professional challenges?

  • Experiencing collective intelligence
  • Managing complex recruitment: how can I recruit from distance? How to ensure that the academic, professional aspect of a resume does not take precedence over the human aspect of recruitment?
  • Managing the administrative part of the job
  • Helping your team with conflict management
  • Finding partners in the City
  • Managing the well-being and ongoing training of staff
  • thinkng about your added value as a woman

Take some time just for you and let’s walk together towards your goal!

Are you a mother who wants to accompany your teenager as well as possible?

  • you want to find hope in your resources and those of your teen
  • you want to be in tune with your own values
  • You want to listen better to your teens
  • you want to find the right balance between your parent involvement and your life as a woman.

Let’s take a time of serenity both of us or in a group of mothers where you can all exchange your knowledge!

Are you a student who wants to find pleasure in your studies?

Are you asking yourself…

  • how can I find more confidence in myself and in the others?
  • How can I manage conflicts with my classmates and with my parents?
  • What are my qualities, strengths, values that make me a unique and important individual?
  • What is the place of my emotions in school and how can I us them as a stepping stone to others and to my future?
  • What is my way of learning?
  • How can I better organize myself?
  • What is my relationship as a girl in science subjects?
  • which studies should I choose? Which job? Beyond the profession and studies what is the « verb of my life », what inspires me, what do I really want?

The two of us or with other teens wondering the same than you do, let’s think about solutions and  how You can achieve your goal in the best future ou can imagine of.

School is a place apart in the city where children can experiment, cohabit and learn safely. School is not only a place of knowledge but also a place of complex dynamics and intense human relations. Emotions are vivid and important in the learning process. We can no longer ignore it (cfr Cyrulnik, neurosciences, Damasio, etc.), even if we are not comfortable with them or have not been taught in teaching trainings.

Adults who supervise them must show them the way by continuing to learn, by exchanging and innovating. I am addressing all women who are actresses of education field. You also have the right to be pampered, accompanied, to make the School a place of innovation, more human, more connected to the City and where the sense of the important task that you make there is found and revalorized. And where we have our share to bring, as women.


Teacher and Coach, trained in language analysis and NLP, the main principles of learning and hypnosis, I search with you all the resources of your conscious and unconscious in a creative and benevolent way. I work both around the school and within it.

Authenticity and kindness, listening, freedom, autonomy and trust are the values at the heart of my practice.

I love my job because I feel joy to see and to hear these women who trusted me, who shared their conflicts with me, to leave full of ideas, desires, solutions, as more beautiful and brighter still, full of their newfound vital energy, ready to resume their place in society with a sense found in their essential action.

I am very inspired for the moment by the narrative practices and the collective aspect of these sessions, the tree of life of Dina Scherrer, etc.

Teacher and Life Coach, Trainer and Educational Coach, trained in language analysis, NLP and hypnotherapy, I accompany you in your desire for change and learning.

I search with you all the resources of your conscious and your unconscious for a holistic coaching.

Authenticity, listening, freedom, autonomy and trust are the values at the heart of my practice.

My toolbox fills up as I train, read and experience life. From simple personality tests to the use of the enneagram, hypnosis, intuitive metaphors, NLP, self-writing through free and playful texts or drawing of heuristic maps.


Supervision: Claudélen Méallet http://www.melodius.fr/

I respect the code of ethics of the International Coaching Federation.