I will meet you in Ankara (Park Vadi area) in my private residence; or by Skype.

For an apointment, please contact me

By phone:

(0090) 0 539 200 83 01

The first meeting (30 minutes by phone) is free; I will then send you a personalized proposition of coaching. Price for one session of 60 to 90 minutes: 50 euros/ 200 TL

What I offer:

Emotional Coaching

5 to 6 sessions of 90 min focused on a specific goal concerning self-confidence, family and friend relationships, communication or addictions

Educational Coaching

5 sessions of 60 to 90 min to learn how to learn, to establish a pupil’s learning profile, to establish his/her working methodology and hability to study and to memorize

Motivational Coaching

5 sessions of 60 to 90 minutes focuses on a specific goal concerning motivation at school or at work and in your personal life

Orientational coaching

5 to 6 sessions of 60 to 90 minutes relative to the educational and vocational guidance (life plan, studies and training)

Life Coaching

5 to 6 sessions of 90 min focused on a personal objective of self-fulfillment in your family, personal or professional life. Find your inner strength, make room for your vulnerability, live in your everyday life what is really important for you!

Therapeutic Writing

Workshop of 10 sessions of therapeutic writing in a group of 5 to 10 – in French only